BBC News Widget: Bugs found during the case study (27.9.2010)

  1. A Button gets stuck on a disabled state
  2. When the main feed is changed, the feed header is not updated
  3. OK and Cancel buttons do not save/restore values in preferences
  4. When the widget feed is changed, the feed view is not updated even after a refresh
  5. Application crashes when changing a setting and refreshing the feeds (occurs occasionally)
  6. Max headline value zero not handled properly in preferences
  7. Inconsistency when switching between multiple widget feeds
  8. News item count not updated properly in the feeds view
  9. Preferences shows "Select default feed" although the application was started from a widget
  10. News titles contain extra whitespaces
  11. Refresh inconsistency when marking feed news read
  12. Widget forgets its state when set to the foreground
  13. Update frequency value zero not handled properly
  14. Widget shows the default feed if the widget feed is unavailable