The latest public release of the TEMA toolset can be downloaded from this page. The license of the TUT copyrighted components is the MIT open source license. The package also contains third-party open source components. See the details in the package for each component and its license.

Release 3.2.1 (June 21, 2011)

Please note that the Debian packing of TEMA tools is in alpha state and there are some problems when upgrading.

When upgrading from version 3.1 or earlier, all existing TEMA packages have to removed, preferably purged before installing new versions of the packages. However, the database of temagui (/var/lib/temagui/temagui.db) is not removed but it is incompatible with temagui version 3.2 or later. The database can be removed by hand, but installation scripts of temagui version 3.2.1 should notice the old version of database and rename the database to /var/lib/temagui/temagui.db.old if needed.

Upgrading from 3.2 should be safe, but if problems appear, removing the old versions of the packages is recommended and should fix the problems. The database of temagui version 3.2 is compatible with the new version of temagui and need not be removed.

Bugs can be reported by emailing us.

Please note that we provide installers only as Debian packages. We recommend installing these packages on a Ubuntu machine - we have not tested the release on other platforms. If you would like to use the toolset in Windows, below are listed some hints on how to get the most important tools running. In particular, it is possible to run tests from command line, if you are not able to install Apache web server in order to install the TEMA Web Gui.

Install Cygwin. You need at least these tools: Python 2.6 (or newer 2.x), bash, sed, make, sh, awk, grep, egrep, install, and tkinter.

Install the TEMA Release package:

		$ tar –zxvf Release-3.0.4.tar.gz
		$ ./configure –prefix=/usr/local
		$ make 
		$ make install

If you get the following error during the model package execution:

		2 [main] python 4564 C:\cygwin\bin\python.exe: *** fatal error - 
		unable to remap C:\cygwin\bin\tk84.dll to same address as parent: 
		0x18DB0000 != 0x192B0000		

Then do the following:

		C:\> c:\cygwin\bin\ash
		$ cd /bin
		$ ./rebase –b 0x1000000000 tk84.dll

If you chose to use DOS style ascii text files instead of Unix style ones when installing Cygwin, you need to execute dos2unix to all applications starting with "tema" in the directory /usr/local/bin.

Starting the test run: assuming you have a model package ready (for instance created with Model Designer and exported as a zip file), the test can be started as follows:

		$ tema.runmodelpackage 

After the test server starts up, it waits for a connection from a client. At his point you should start the adapter component which connects to the server (check the correct port number).