Welcome to TEMA MBT

This site collects research results of the model-based GUI testing projects conducted at Tampere University of Technology (TEAMS, TEMA, MBT-MOSE, and AMOEBA-TESTING). Since these projects were based on earlier mode-based testing projects at TUT, a short outline of the history of the projects is provided in the history review section.



What is the TEMA approach to model-based testing? We have concentrated on GUI testing, which means that we are working on the system and acceptance level (V-model). We have employed the widely known and used testing concept called keywords and action words. find out more...

Domain Specific Model based Testing

Domain-Specific Model-Based Testing

We have applied the concept of domain-specific modeling at two level of abstraction. At first we have abstracted the GUI interaction behind keywords. This provides a sort of low-level testability API. Keywords, on the other hand, are easily translated between wide variety of similar platforms within the same application domain (e.g. Nokia S60 or Android). In addition to that, we have abstracted the user level behaviour behind action words. This provides a mechanism for modelling user behaviour and user tasks in a platform independent way.